Suggestion - Add Filter To Activity Browse For New Postings

Discussion created by pingreeman on Oct 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by communitymanagers

I believe most MRI members would concede that the new site is difficult to navigate and to find recent postings for all activity - whether or not those posts or posters are being followed. In version 2, it was very easy to find updated activity since the last time a member logged on to MRI (albeit, most were limited to the last three postings/actions).


In the Activity area, currently only two views are available: 1) All Content, and 2) Status Updates. A third view would be extremely helpful and would make visiting the site much more efficient. Per my screen capture, below, having a third view would expedite the finding of information that had occurred since a member last logged in to MRI. In addition, to see only those actions that have occurred since last logging in would encourage members to read/view/respond to nearly ALL MRI content. But as it stands now with only two views, one must wade through all of the Status Updates to find postings of relevance (not to diminish the view of new members, but 99% of MRI current members are not interested in seeing who recently joined, but are interested in travel content). I believe this perspective is also why so many MRI members have commented negatively on the "facebook" styled social community rather than a more appealing Travel Information Site a la version 2 of MRI.


To have this third view, one can then find (scrolling down) the "End Of New Updates" and can feel confident that no new information has been missed and that his/her time spent on MRI was "quick and easy."

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