Customizing Insiders

Discussion created by anadyr on Oct 6, 2011
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A friend here has over 50 excellent, restored  super cars, from racing Bugatti's to original MB Gullwings.  His rationale for having so many has applicability for Insiders:  He loves to have a custom ride and this allows him that flexibility.


bugatti.jpggull wing.jpg


We're faced with a one size fits all approach in this version of Insiders as we were with the past versions, but why can't we have a discrete, custom interface when we log on? I have mentioned i Google in the past as one exemplar of this dashboard approach, but there are many others out there on the Internet.


I'd prefer a simpler look with the following:


  • What's going on in various categories of my choosing (this requires judicious tagging by posters, and given the new system is often overlooked)?
  • A quick view of the people I am following, with a frequency count of their posts and the dates of posting
  • A geographic sort of posts, listing all posts in a region of teh US or overseas that I am following, and
  • A way to get more Personal Messages to people I follow or who follow me without doing it for each of them (by the way we'll need to expand the relatively stingy allocation of 100 total in PMs).


And that's the truth!