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Discussion created by profchiara on Sep 29, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2011 by franke

I've given up.  I had to turn off all the updates because my home/office email was deluged by messages every day so now I will only check Activity every 2-3 days.  While I actually am tech savvy and use different kinds of media all the time in the classroom, I find this site to be unusable, taking far too much of time I don't have to even try to post a message. (It kept telling me I couldn't post where I wanted.)  Moreover, it seems to have only a marginal relationship to travel anymore. So compared to the famous April update of a couple of years ago, I think this site is much worse and I'm not interested in it except for the people I got to meet on the old web site.


For those who like it enjoy!  I'm not trying to be difficult and certainly not Luddite.