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For the scavenger hunt I did it

Question asked by travelvlaan on Sep 28, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2011 by jasper100

For the scavenger hunt I did  choose "Activity" as suggested and My Preferences updated successfully.


frst I thought it was the Marriott site to search for a differenthome page on main page but I got Session Timed Out constant need to keep signing into the
Marriott site once the previous session had ... timed out is annoying.



You can change your Home page to Activity, Communications,
Browse, or Alerts. Click the down arrow ... of the Home page and choose Preferences

Sorry to be slow to understand, but what do you
mean by “1 final opportunities for activity 2 as of 9/28” Are you saying that
people can still do yesterdays Scav Hunt today?
When will you post the results of who won points from
Scavenger hunt? Is it only the first 20 People that win the points?