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Albuquerque: Marriott or Marriott Pyramid North? (incl photos)

Question asked by ssindc on Sep 28, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2011 by nuhusker

Thanks to all who responded to my initial inquiry, below.... Just back from Albuquerque, where I stayed at the Marriott Pyramid North.

  • Great value for money - basically $100/night
    • that was for a suite - a comfortable bedroom (with a nice view) and a full-sized living room with a desk, desk chair, couch, additional chair,  wet bar, etc.
    • no concierge lounge over the weekend, but I received coupons for the full buffet breakfast (which was extremely good - nice fruit selection, eggs or waffles to order, meats, cereals, breads, oatmeal, yogurts, even blintzes)
    • nice foyer treats - coffee, juices, cookies, apples, oranges
    • newspaper daily - WSJ, and (huge) local paper Sunday morning
    • free parking
  • Nice staff - very helpful with driving directions; bonus points for slipping a helpful note under the door about the time change (Fall Back....)
    • whoa - and I even received a very nice thank you e-mail from the property's general manager the next day!!!; and
  • Frankly, the design is a little dated - uh, yeah, that's the best I can say - it's one of the least attractive (OK, it's an eyesore) facilities I've ever seen in the Marriott inventory...  Here's an external photo and an inside view of the grotto/fountain (although this photo does not do justice to the full extent of the, uh, unique nature of this lobby "conversation piece")...



But I'd recommend the place without hesitation!




I'm headed to Albuquerque in a few weeks.  I haven't been for ages (and just spelling it is a challenge).  Should I book the Marriott or the Marriott Pyramid North?  (Both are 4's, neither is perfectly located for my needs, both are a bargain, and it's only a $5 price difference, so....)  Any preferences or insights are welcomed on:

  • location
  • rooms (and potential upgrades), views
  • food, lounge
  • service
  • anything else.


Also, anything on your "must see" or "must do" while in town list would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


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