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New Insiders Format - Suggestions, Tweaks?

Question asked by ssindc on Sep 25, 2011

Following up on Versel's initial question (and the feedback), is there some expectation that the webmaster(s) is/are following these discussions, collecting suggestions, and working on tweaks to the new layout?  I've tried the page(s) a couple of times, and, alas, my frustration has not decreased.  If there's a better, more efficient way to submit feedback, please post here (and folks can go there).  If not, maybe we can consolidate some suggestions in a discussion here....  For example,

  • The fixed screen width - particularly an extremely wide screen - is not user friendly.  Everyone is using different sized screens and monitors.  The screen width should be flexible and adjust to the size of the user's screen.  Having to use the horizontal scroll bar frequently is maddening. If one reads or types the length of the screen, then the screen moves (which means back to the horizontal tool bar).
  • The "art" at the top of the page is wasted space - sure it's a nice photo of London, but the three circles (ports) are a little weird and - and this is the key point - add no value to site functionality.
  • Despite all the criticism, I found it easier to find stuff on the old page.  Every "search" on the new page is an adventure, and I haven't had many happy endings yet.  I'm still lost enough that I can't even describe the functionality that I'd like to have back.
  • I liked the post preview function on the old page.
  • I just noticed that - and this one makes no sense to me at all - that, regardless of how you enter tags as phrases, it breaks them down into single words (e.g., inserting a comma between each one). For example, "user friendliness" becomes "user" and "friendliness"...  That makes no sense.
    • UPDATE # 3: - there is guidance on the page: it looks like the solution to this is to post phrases using an underscore between words  - so "user_friendliness" should work...
    • I think - but I could be wrong - they also mean "use commas...." rather than "use topics...."
  • I'm not sure how important it is, but it was a lot easier to find, track, and update prior posts on the old page.
    • UPDATE: I just figured out how to do this.  Look in the top right hand corner of the screen - warning: if you have a small screen, you will have to scroll horizontally to the right to see the appropriate icon and user name - if you click on your own user name - then click on the ACTIVITY or CONTENT buttons at the top of the new screen.  And it appears to have a number of sorting features....
    • UPDATE # 2: Helpful Q&As - classic FAQ's - are available here:
  • Very minor thing - but was anybody else put off (offended) by being labeled a ROOKIE?  What were they thinking? Why insult/disparage newer users?  I'm all for kudos for the heaviest users (let's analogize to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Premier)....  How many of you would have EVER returned to a Marriott if the first twenty-five times you checked in, you were greeted at the desk with a sneer and a "Hey, Rookie!"???


May I also suggest that - if you're finding positive aspects of the page - and you can identify them (or point them out) - that would be great too.  [For example, I'm glad they kept the spell-check function in the message box.]  Maybe all we need is some time and constructive guidance....


Last question: does anyone else find it strange that Marriott just asked us (all of us, most of us) to do a survey on our usage patterns on the web page, but didn't use that opportunity or format to get feedback on the web page upgrade changes?  It seems like a classic market survey approach.  They could have posted various options or screen designs and asked folks which they preferred, which met their needs, etc.  They could have asked which features we valued most (which they kind of did ask in the survey, but it doesn't seem to have been correlated to the changes)....


I'm a relatively new quasi-active of the community, but I could easily see both the learning curve and the inconvenience outweighing the benefits of new features (which I haven't discovered yet).  Time will tell


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