How do I ask questions to the community?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Sep 22, 2011

Sometimes questions can be quickly answered and sometimes they can take some discussion to get to an answer - either way though, by asking a question you're really looking for a correct answer. Unlike a typical forum, when you mark a discussion as a question (outlined below), you help others quickly zero-in on those answers that are both helpful and correct.



Create a question:

  1. Start by creating a discussion
    1. Within whichever forum topic you would like to ask your question, click the links to create a new discussion (as pictured)
    2. In the title field, enter a brief description of your topic (There's a character limit to this field so write your actually question in the body of your post)
  2. Mark your discussion as a question
    1. Select the checkbox that says "Mark this discussion as a question" that appears just below your question title
    2. Ask your question in the body of your post
    3. Click the blue publish button




Mark answers as helpful

As you read through answers from your fellow community members, you as the author can mark which answers are actually helpful (up to 2 helpful answers per thread/question). The author can click on the button pictured below for whichever two answers you wish. Helpful answers receive a yellow star to highlight their significance from the entire chain of replies.




Mark answers as correct

And since you're looking for a correct answer, you as the author can mark that answer when you see it (only 1 correct answer per question). There's an added benefit to marking the correct answer because we'll automatically display that correct answer along with the original question (as shown in the screenshot above).



Note: If no answer is marked as helpful or correct, the question will appear as unanswered (regardless of how many answers were provided).