Is the Chase PREMIER VISA worth it?

Discussion created by ssindc on Sep 19, 2011
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I'm a long-term Chase VISA Signature Marriott Rewards card holder.  I'm leaning towards switching to the PREMIER card primarily to avoid paying the foreign transaction fees (although the handful of extra points won't go to waste).  It seems like the savings on any significant amount of foreign travel would more than outweigh the higher annual fee.

I welcome any insights or reasons to not make the switch or take the plunge.

There is an informative post by NYCUWS10025 on this topic [for the record - those are the types of posts that make this Forum so valuable!!!], but it's a couple of years old.  So, I'm curious if anyone has done any hard core analysis recently.  THANKS!


Thanks for all of the informative responses.  I went ahead and applied for the Premier card.  My guess is that it'll be worth it because of the: 50,000 point bonus and the avoidance of foreign transaction fees.  If I get a few extra points in the bargain, so be it.  (Travelling with the kids, we always seem able to burn as many points as I can earn.) I guess that my next decision will be whether - or for how long - to keep my existing Chase Marriott VISA when I get the new one...

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