Diluted status finally biting our backsides?

Discussion created by pingreeman on Aug 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2011 by psudad

As several others have pointed out, there's a trend developing in the MRI ==> higher frequency of negative postings about the "Marriott Experience." Some Insiders point to lack of training of Marriott associates. Recent loyalty program surveys has Hilton ranked ahead of Marriott. My unscientific tally of recent postings has much ado about lack of status recognition or perks being almost non-existent or harder than ever to get. Regardless, I think the trend is REAL and was predictable.



I, and a few other MR Insiders (fondly known as the dilution conspirators) essentially warned Insiders in several posts that making it too easy to attain Elite status with rollover nights, bonus nights, Visa nights, etc. would degrade and erode the status as it would create disproportionate numbers of Platinum and Gold members as compared to prior years. Perhaps others were visionaries with the spirited discussions to create a "Plutonium" status to really single out the uber-members now that elite statuses had become too homogeneous.



Hmmmm. . . . maybe we (dilution conspirators) were on to something?