Concierge Confusion

Discussion created by tef6178 on Apr 27, 2011
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With all the discussion we've had on this site regarding people being turned away with a guest they brought to the Concierge Lounge and how many can come in to a Lounge and the kids issues and so forth.....I was surprised by my Concierge Lounge visits over the last two weeks.


First, the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco had nobody checking anybody who came into the lounge. I entered the first day I was there about 5PM and a family of five was waiting at the door. Now, it's not my responsibility to check their status as to whether or not they can be there, but I figured for sure someone would ask them when they grabbed the door and walked in behind me. Nope. Not a soul to check who came in or out. What was most bothersome was the kids were just flat out rude. They immediately started running around and yelled at the workers putting out the food, "where's the drinks". They then ripped open the door to the drinks (which was already in disrepair), took out their drinks and left it wide open. The parents? They did nothing. I found this to be the case every day I was there that no one checked anybody who entered. Surprising.


Second, the Marriott hotel in Anaheim. First morning I went, same thing. People standing outside the door and when it opened , they went in. A whole family or two. No one checking anything. That lounge was so packed there were no seats. I patiently waited for a seat by the window to open up at the end of the counter, put down my paper with the coffee and went to get some food. When I returned, a youngster had moved my coffee and paper and made himself at home. This was like being at the circus. I maintained my decorum and went to another counter seat that had opened. I went to get orange juice. Same thing....only this time my food plate moved. It was a mother planting her kids around the end of the counter. I  politely asked her if she thought someone had just left hot food for no reason. She left and found another area.


The next day open (Monday), the Lounge door was just propped open. Hmmm..... Not once was there anyone to check who entered the Lounge. There were, it seemed like, 50 'suits' with Marriott name tags in the lobby smiling at everyone. I would think one or two of them could have monitored the Lounge a little bit.


Confusing......are some just open to all, or is some decorum still to be the norm?