48-Hour Guarantee, Really? Isn't so using address search!

Discussion created by pingreeman on Mar 13, 2011
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According to T&C for Platinum members under the 48-Hour Guaranteed Availability, "Traveling on short notice? We’ll guarantee you’ll always have a room for any paid stay. Just make your reservations 48 hours before arrival at over 3,200 participating Marriott hotels.

Two months ago, I reserved a points-paid 2BR suite at the RI-Fort Myers Sanibel for the week 03/27-04/03. Today, I was curious what the cash-price would be, so  - I logged into reservations using my PP number and password, performed an Advanced Search using the EXACT street address for the property for the same days. Interestingly, this property did NOT appear among the available hotels (it's sold out), the nearest at 4.4 miles from the address.

Here's what bothers me - if I need a hotel close to an address (such as a client of mine) and there is a property literally within or on the same block AND if I am supposed to be guaranteed 48-hour guaranteed availability as a PP, then why does this property NOT show up in the results? What good does a 48-hour guarantee provide if I can't get the "most convenient" hotel?

I'm sure some MRI replies will be to call the PP reservations desk - sure, glad to do so, but how would I know the property even exists if it does not appear in a list? There is a solution - don't start with arrival/departure dates - then all show up in the list!