Never Been to Spain...

Discussion created by profchiara on Feb 21, 2011
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Hi all,

I have made my trip reservations for Spain in late April early May.  Although I'm flying into Madrid, I will spend ALL of my time in Andalusia, for me the most interesting historical part of the country.  The two Marriotts near Malaga are VC (or former VC; I have no experience of the MVC program).  The key is that I want to spend the bulk of my time in Granada and Cordoba.  It looks like Cordoba is on a main rail line, but Granada is not yet.  So I'm looking for experienced Spain visitors to help me.


First of all, should i stay at one of the Costa del Sol Marriotts or instead in Seville or Granada or Cordoba?  When I checked, since they're villas, I was given the choice of a two bedroom suite or a room with twin beds.  Neither is to my liking.  Is there really no choice of a one bedroom king? I have no need for two bedrooms, but I'll be d&^%ed if I'm going to spend a week sleeping in a twin bed.


So for those of you who have visited, what is your suggestion? Malaga seems generally well accessible by rail from Madrid and relatively so to both Cordoba and Granada.  But would I be better off spending half the time divided between both cities (without any Marriott Plat privileges) or a city from which both are accessible, Seville?


Does anyone also know if guided day tours are available from either of the Costa del Sol Marriotts?  I cannot drive a stick shift and though I have other languages, I don't speak Spanish.


All help is much appreciated!