Amsterdam - Anyone have suggestions for hotels

Discussion created by zukracer on Jan 26, 2011
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I'm going to Europe this spring for a week to visit one of my best friends.  We are trying to decide if we should head north towards Amsterdam from the Frankfurt area or south to Venice.  I'm pretty sure he's decided that we'll be in Amsterdam for the weekend.  I've not been but of course have heard all types of things to do there.


Anyone have some good suggestions for a Marriott property to stay at?  I'd love to think I'll get an upgrade so I only need to use points for one room but most likely will be booking two rooms, thus unless the hotel is just *that* much better I'm open to lower category properties if they are worth it.


Also any must do's or definitely don't do's?


Part of this is going to be an epic road trip, so if you have any ideas for cities/towns to see on a drive up from the Frankfurt area would be greatly appreciated as well :)


Thanks in advance!