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As i mentioned in an earlier post about the Boston Copley Place, my nights had not been credited after 5 days. This was critical because I was 3 nights away from finishing the Megabonus promotion (and had stayed 3 nights).  I called the MR line in Salt Lake City and got the most wonderful representative I've ever spoken with there.  His name is Robert and he worked with a woman named Grace at the hotel to get the situation -- which turned out to be enormously complicated -- straightened out.  (First it seemed that being part of a conference was the problem. Then it turned out that since I was sharing the room with a friend, and even though I made the reservation, used my MR number, and paid the bill myself, it only showed her name on the record -- although my copy of the bill showed mine.)


Anyway a big shout out to Robert for taking a good bit of time and energy to work out an apparent mistake at the hotel in not listing my name!  He also gave me his extension for use in the future if my points don't get credited again.  He then assured me that he would personally make sure the nights immediately got credited to the MegaBonus.


I don't know Robert's last name -- and probably would not be allowed to give it out anyway -- but he exemplifies Marriott's motto of Spirit to Serve.