Need suggestions for London

Discussion created by zukracer on Jan 13, 2011
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I'm heading to Germany to visit one of my best friends this May.  I really wanted to stay overnight in London one night so booked flights on the way back so I could land 330p in London and they fly out 1030am the following morning.  I've been a number of times so its less "sight seeing" and more just spending some time along hte river, maybe walk around the tower or parliment or something.  Also going to hit the Whiskey Exchange for some red label bottles :)


That being said, here's the advice I'd like to pick your heads about.  Should I just stay at one of the hotels near LHR since I have to be at the airport around 8am or should I just stay downtown near the various places I want to see again?  Part of me thinks just take the tube downtown after checking in near LHR and then come back later in the evening.  Other parts say check out some other properties, like maybe the new Renaissance they are opening this spring.  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance!