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They’re not going to recover if they experience what I just did today!! My daughter just got back from military training I have an autoimmune disease so I put her up in the only Marriott in the town I’m temporarily staying in a SPRINGHILL in SUMTER, SC, I used wipes and gloves got to the elevator (the hotel was empty) and three cleaners walked over and instead of taking the other elevator they started to go in ours i mentioned the 6ft rule and one became hostile walked in and told us to observe the 6 ft rule elsewhere!! How ignorant! I explained the situation and she didn’t care just kept going on (why would staff do this with customers?) I went to the front told the clerk and turned around to see the same female at the bar COUGHING WITHOUT covering up at all! (I understand it’s a small Marriott but why is cleaners at the bar getting drinks?) I was disgusted and appalled that people are so ignorant about this but at a Marriott where they claim to take it seriously? It was offensive doing that putting our lives at risk especially after advising them I was very weak.