Solutions for Status Challenge Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Discussion created by traveljoy on Mar 24, 2020
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Hi there,


Is anyone else currently participating in a status challenge during these uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic? 

I started platinum status challenge on January 20 that would have been completed by April 30, 2020 and have completed 12 of my 16 nights. Under normal circumstance, I would have completed my challenge by now but have obviously had to cease travel. 


I called Marriott to understand my options to realistically complete this challenge and they said the only solution they can currently offer is to cancel my challenge and I could restart the challenge at a later time from 0 nights. This does not seem like a fair or satisfactory solve to me, and I'm pretty sure any status challengers had this option before the pandemic struck. Other loyalty programs I'm a part of have been automatically upgrading their customers to the next loyalty tier. How can this be the only answer Marriott has? 


Has anyone heard of any updates around how Marriott intends to approach status challenges in a time like this? It seems like they've put special practices into place during this extraordinary time for other aspects of the Bonvoy program, except for status challenges. I've called the Bonvoy hotline a couple times but the customer service reps haven't been able to provide any informed solutions. 

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