Chase Card Upgrade - Issues

Discussion created by sillyredn3k on Mar 19, 2020
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I hope all of you are doing well. Total 1st world problem here but wanted to see if anyone else was having a similar issue. I have been a long time cardholder of the Premier CC that gave you an elite night per $3K spend and finally decided to do the upgrade to the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless CC. Slowing down on work travel and just need to hit 50 nights this year to get lifetime platinum, so when I was offered the perk of 10 elite nights for upgrading to Boundless for upgrading and and making a purchase by 31 MAR - I jumped all over it after quick analysis. Timeline:


18 FEB: Email received with upgrade offer

01 MAR: Completed upgrade online, received email confirmation that benefits, etc. would take effect within 4 business days.

14 MAR: Nothing had arrived in mailbox or email, so I called Chase. They confirmed that my new cards were processed on 01 MAR and mailed out the next day. Without any conversation, they closed my old card as if the credit cards had been stolen, and noted that new cards were processed and would be received within 4 business days. Online account updated within hours.

19 MAR: Today I received a letter dated 11 MAR, referencing the old account number that was now cancelled explaining the new fee, etc. No new cards from the previous phone call / new account creation.


This has never happened before in ~20 years of having credit cards. New cards show up almost next-day and all documentation is dated quickly. What gives? Corona? Isn't this all automated? Again, 1st world problem...just frustrated that I have a deadline to make a purchase to get the 10 elite nights and after ~3 weeks I still don't have a card. 


Anyone else take the recent upgrade offer? How did it work out?