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Customer privacy response

Question asked by mallj2065 on Mar 12, 2020

I had an issue at a property where they sent out an email thanking members for staying at the location. The issue was they included every customers email address for all to see. From my understanding this would constitute a breach of privacy, especially since people shouldn't have their personal emails revealed to people they do not know. I contacted Marriot support about this and after 3 weeks of no response, I reached out again. The only response was that they would look into the incident and have the property contact me. The property GM eventually contacted me, assured me the employee was indeed wrong for sending out the private emails and as a gesture would add 500 points to my account. To me that is totally absurd... you violate my privacy, I reach out to let you know about it and  you offer me 500 points for that? I feel as though the whole Bonvoy customer care system is broken. Being a Titanium or ambassador doesn't seem to mean anything to this company anymore. I'm just wondering if anyone here has had any other experience with this or if I'm expecting too much.