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Apparently no more e-gift cards for Marriott using Points

Question asked by hopetix on Mar 9, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by arizonatag

I am beyond frustrated and wish Marriott would have just kept things as they are with their rewards program. I've now spent the past hour trying to find a way to use my points to get a Marriott E-Gift Card like I used to for years. Apparently no one in customer service has any idea about this. Now the only way to use points for a gift card is to order $100 increments and have the plastic cards physically sent to you and because we're leaving on Saturday, I no longer have enough time to get them before we leave.


In the past hour, I was told to call the gift card number which only allows you to buy the with a credit card. I then called the Elite line since I'm Titanium Elite and that was the best of the customer service I received, but she was unable to help me and had me call Salt Lake City to the rewards customer service who didn't know what I was talking about, and I was finally told it doesn't seem like you can get an e-gift card anymore with points. (WHY NOT?) AND there is no way to expedite the shipping in order to get them before we leave.


You've made it really hard to use my points and wish there would have been some sort of communication about the change in redemption and how it works.


SO my question is why can't I get an e-gift card to use at Marriott properties using my points?