Insiders Passing Time During Virus

Discussion created by iahflyr on Mar 20, 2020
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Well here in Texas much like other parts of the U.S. we have no restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms and the like open for indoor usage.  Restaurants are open for take-out, delivery or drive thru as we all attempt to have the curve of the virus slow even level off as soon as possible.  As well, the Governor and local officials are asking to keep all gatherings to 10 people or less.  Grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies are open with some stores like Target, Walmart and brightlybob all time favorite Wholefoods opening an hour early for those over 60, "Senior Hour".


Our days for the last week have been hanging out at the house.  Mrs. IAHFLYR has been doing some work from home on a limited basis as her business requires interaction with others often in groups of more than 10 people.  Fortunately the business can withstand a short lull expecting it to come on strong once this all settles down.  She also spends time on the phone with her girl friends and is doing some online grocery shopping to get at curbside pickup.


Me on the other hand, been out a few times the past week.  Once to my favorite sports bar for a bit early in the week before the closures, to the grocery store (no hoarding) for items they were out of on previous visits and yesterday to play golf, all while being very alert to surroundings.  I am also checking airfares for deals with money or miles that may show up and keeping my upcoming trip to Ft. Myers, FL., in view as the virus spreads there as placestoseeandgo and go has been reporting a little north of Ft. Myers, near Venice.


With much needed rain (go away pollen) today and most of the weekend will be a pest on Insiders and have to do some of my workout at home since no gym.  Hope to get out on the bike between rain storms as well as walk the bike/walking trails we have across the street.  


Tell us how you're dealing with all this and passing time.


Stay well Insiders and "keep on keepin' on"!