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Mega Bonus 2020 and adding hotel stay

Question asked by lonnalinda on Mar 7, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2020 by hallchr

Within the mega bonus timeframe I will be staying in Portugal.  


1 stay at Design Hotel (Altis Belem) 5 nights

1 stay at Marriott property 3 nights

1 stay at Sheraton 1 night


I have no other travel scheduled before trip to Portugal.  Using the above I would receive 4,000 bonus points (for 2 stays at Marriott and Sheraton).   


So IF I found a Marriott property (close to my house for a 1 day stay vacation) prior to our departure to Portugal for $152 - $169 a night is this worth getting an extra 2,000 points?  (that would mean Portugal stays would = 6,000 bonus points).


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.