Finally!  An Ambassador who is worth something.

Discussion created by jrmchicago on Mar 9, 2020
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Granted, I have little need for an Ambassador but sometimes you need someone to help you with a reservation.


I made a reservation online at the Hotel Pacai (Design Hotels) in Vilnius, Lithuania and then needed to amend it so my wife could check in without my being present.  My last ambassador left and I honestly don't remember if a new one had been appointed.  I called the ambassador desk for assistance with the reservation and the person I spoke with, Karen M. was very helpful in getting the reservation fixed.  Since she was so helpful, I asked her if she could be my ambassador and she said she would be happy to.


I then called Karen about the reservation and asked for help.  My wife is in Lithuania visiting friends and family and her birthday is today but she was staying at the Hotel Pacai a few days before that.  I asked Karen if she could arrange with the hotel for a bottle of champagne and some flowers to be placed in the room when my wife arrived.  Karen contacted the hotel and they provided a complementary bottle of champagne and arranged for the flowers to be delivered, including having the flower payment sent to my email.


My wife was surprised and happy, the flowers were beautiful, the hotel is very nice (converted from a former palace), and I now have an ambassador who really provides value.


Thank you Karen!