Discussion created by txman on Mar 6, 2020

So I am on my computer looking for a room on points yesterday on short notice for tonight... I find the room 10,000 points, log off the computer to head home and discuss it with my wife. She is like awesome lets get it. I open the Bonvoy app on my phone (the place I normally book my rooms) low and behold the room is 12,500 points. Initially I am like guess they sold some rooms and upped the price. My gut says go get on my computer and see if it is now 12,500. So I do, and guess what, nope it is still 10,000. I book the room then begin to wonder how often this happens....I have stayed in Marriot brand hotels 50 plus night each of the last 5-7 years, most of the time booking on my app. How is it even close to right to do that...book on the app cost me an extra 2500 points....Does this happen on the cash price too......How many points and cash have I lost due to this kind of thing.....ridiculous


Anyone else ever experienced this?