need help with hotel block and marriott bonvoy

Discussion created by infamousj824 on Mar 4, 2020



i am looking for a good hotel block for a marriot in long island. prefer marriot in melville. I wanted to know what is the best way to maximize on points from my hotel block into my marriot bonvoy. I just joined the program. Is there any specific wording that  I need to make sure for my hotel block contract. I think I need to guaranteed 80% of the room on the block. I received an okay rate, but wanted to see how I can maximize on points on the hotel block purchases to pay for my bridal suite for the bride and groom that night. Does the bride and groom prepay for the hotel block in advance? With marriott bonvoy, does everyone in my hotel block also get free wifi with the program. What cancellation fees usually apply and what would I need into my contract. Can i negotiate the hotel price anymore, it is peak summer in august. Thank you.