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Travel during Corona Virus

Question asked by kalagapr on Mar 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2020 by kalagapr

I have a leisure trip planned to Seattle  (The westin Seattle Hotel) from this Friday to Monday (Mar 6-9). With the recent outbreak in Seattle , 5 deaths happened yesterday alone, and this Property is only 11 miles from where those 5 deaths happened yesterday. Its little scary while reading news how things are going in Seattle as of yesterday (That is when I started contacting Airlines and Marriott).


Little back story, the rate I booked is adv purchase. So technically its non-refundable. I am a platinum member, Life time silver. I was hoping Marriott would understand the situation in Seattle now and consider my brand loyalty and elite status , and would refund or other alternate ways.


I called Marriott , they said they cant help cause its adv purchase, all they could do is email hotel property but suggested that I would rather call hotel directly and explain my situation. So I called hotel front desk, explained the reason for my cancellation is due to corona virus and the lady at front desk said , its adv purchase and she cant authorize refund, she suggested that she would contact her Director as I am plat member, they might consider it and would get back to me. Few minutes later, she emailed me with a screenshot of her question to Director and his response. I was little disappointed the way things are going.


Her email to her Director - "This guest wishes to cancel, but I explained that he chose adv purchase rate and that it would be non refunded regardless of the standard 72 hr policy" - with an email subject of "Bonvoy Adv purchase rate guest" . ( Source - Her screenshot)


Director's response - "It is an advance purchase and he will be charged. He can reference the bottom of his confirmation email as well which will detail the stipulations of rate plan cancellation policy. " (Source - Her screenshot).


I emailed back to the lady that I was little disappointed the way it was handled, there was no mention of the reason I called, which is due to corona virus and it was requested by an elite guest rather a guest trying to cancel adv purchase rate reservation.


She replied me that her Director was very well aware of the reason and my elite status. And still his response is simply pointing me out cancellation policy.


Honestly I thought I may not gonna get my flight fare refund cause I wasnt even a member of Spirit airlines but I may get full refund for my hotel stay considering corona virus news and elite status. To my surprise Spirit Airlines issued full credit via text customer support within 10 minutes when i mentioned the cancellation reason was due to corona virus, and here i am being loyal to Marriott brand for years had to make calls and emails and was only told by Hotel director that I would simply be charged and pointing me to check cancellation policies.


Sorry for my rant - if I wasnt a Marriott member I would suck it up and deal with cancellation policy.


Anyone would suggest is there a way that this can be escalated and handled it better or I just have to deal with cancellation policies. Any help would be appreciated!