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Help With Vancourer Hotels

Question asked by iahflyr on Mar 2, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2020 by iahflyr

With March 4th, racing toward us I've been looking at some points usage spots and one which I find no reviews of here on Insiders is in Vancouver, Canada.  We are looking to head up that way possibly the week between Christmas and New Years this year and hope for some suggestions.  Currently look checking out the Westin Grand, Westin Bayshore and Marriott Pinnacle Downtown and JW Marriott Parq plus just starting to check into the Delta joints.


Things for consideration:


  • We love to walk and wander about finding local spots for a drink 
  • Enjoy finding quaint dining spots with a diverse taste in foods
  • Love views of water/mountains and city lights
  • Good sized rooms
  • Bar options in the hotel in case of bad weather
  • CL or M Club nice, certainly not required


Come on Insiders, help a fella out here.  I'm looking directly at some of you Canada folks such as pey, yogib, pat2927 as well as others close by such as bacon14, wmrobins, issaquah and others who know the area.


Thanks much in advance.