Coronavirus | Platinum Challenge - Not a great mix....

Discussion created by warp on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2020 by hasantravel

Well this is a bummer...I am halfway thru my 3 mo challenge and was well on my way to getting the 16 nights by the deadline.  The large majority of my travel is via my job.  Just got a company-wide memo that all non-critical business travel is to be canceled or postponed.  Just got notice from my boss to do just that for my trips.  Happy I am not obligated to travel due to the risk, but the Challenge...


I called Marriott asking they could pause my Challenge.  Was willing to provide (redacted) company docs to support my situation. They opened a ticket and just got the email the best they could do is void the current challenge and restart later this year after my company gives the go ahead.  Said their "...system is unable to pause or suspend a Challenge".


Anyone going thru a Challenge that is corona-impacted?