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How to escalate a complaint/refund.... Who else can I reach out to?

Question asked by akh on Feb 26, 2020
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I stayed at the Sheraton New Orleans Jan. 1-4. My girlfriend received several marks on her side that initially looked like an allergic reaction. After we left the hotel, we discovered that the marks were bed bug bites. I contacted the hotel, and eventually filed a report with their loss prevention officer. I was contacted by the front office manager several days later and was told that no bed bugs were located after the room was reportedly checked. I was however told that I would be issued a full refund and we agreed to an additional 10K points to my Bonvoy account. That was Jan. 15, 2020. Today is Feb. 26, 2020 and I still have no refund and no points. I've contacted the hotel and Elite Services now over 20 times and have been given the run around. 

I've been told by the property that they can't issue a refund now until it is approved by Marriott, Marriott has told me that only the hotel can issue the refund. I've been told that the case has been closed, I've been told that the case is still pending. I am SO frustrated with this incident. 

I have submitted pictures, report numbers, case numbers, spoken to countless people and each time I have to go over the story again, just for them to say that there are no notes in the system but that they are documenting it now and escalating the claim. I was told on 2-23-20 that the property contact person DREW DEPPNER confirmed that I was getting a full refund and that he was putting the agreed upon 10K in my Bonvoy account that day....That same representative, said that she was going to add an additional 25k points in my Bonvoy account and that my refund would be reflected by 2-25-20 at the latest..... STILL NOTHING....

I contacted Elite Services again today and the agent (like all of the others I spoke with), made me go BACK over the incident, said that there were no notes in the account or under the case number and that no additional points had been requested or authorized. She also called the property, spoke with DREW DEPPNER who again said the refund was requested. This agent said that it was nothing that I could do but WAIT and/or contact the property (as I've previously done well over a dozen times now). 

I have never experienced such horrible customer service, not just for any customer, but a loyal customer at that, who travels 75% for work and has almost an entire unit that travels and uses Marriott. I am at the end of my rope and have been given the runaround for almost 2 months now. The hotel communicates poorly and has yet to honor what they promised and Marriott Elite Services has greatly failed me and has not resolved this issue. 

What else can I do to get what I was promised plus additional points compensation? I cannot continue to spend 20-40 mins on the phone to get nowhere.