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New to marriott insiders, but I wanted to reach out for advice on how to deal with Marriott continuing to not honor the promised benefits for a platinum elite such as late check out, welcome gifts, lounge access etc.

Question asked by savingcharliesheart on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by pat2927

When I call customer support, they say they will open a case, this never goes anywhere and now they continue to hang up on me when I call. I have been completely floored at how rude they have been and it seems they have little respect for high paying customers. My 7 month old baby just had open heart surgery a few months ago and due to her medical condition, I have had to stay at a Marriott property of some sort, every single night since October 2019. There were only 2 weeks when I didn't and that was the time of her surgery, but I was still paying for the room which all my things were in. It just seems that the customer service would be a little better considering the amount of money paid and nights stayed on Marriott Properties in the last 5 months. Please advise on how much I should push this rude treatment, how I can get answers and/or if I should just leave it alone as I do not want my account status or rewards to get revoked if I am complaining too much, any input is greatly appreciated.