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Where to spend 500-600,000 points

Question asked by richm on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by verysuiteboy

Tropical is preferred 

I have just about 500,000 points. In fact, I will have close to 600k in about 2 months. I’m in the tail end of a long stretch of work away from home and I’m due for a vacation with my beautiful wife.
I was hoping some of you can give me ideas on a great place to bring her for about a week. We usually go to the Caribbean on a cruise and have been wanting to just go to one destination for a full week for a change. We really enjoyed Miami Biscayne Bay and we will do that again if we can’t find another place similar. We just love the tropical climate. In total I believe we have been to 15 or more islands but never for more then a couple days. We would really enjoy something new. If anyone had a suggestion we would seriously consider it. I have the points to use for a free stay and have no problem flying to the destination and renting a car. We are itching to try a new country but it’s hard when we aren’t sure what to expect.

Any suggestions? 

Thank you for your time,