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Why has the phone reservation gone to heck?

Question asked by almesh on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2020 by gomer

What is going on with the phone reservation system? 


I called today to reserve a room at a Marriott property in Albuquerque, NewMexico. The automated system recognized my phone number, recognized the fact that I needed a room and transferred  me to a person. Then it seemed like I got the third degree questioning, when all I wanted was to rent a room.


I was asked to state a recent stay. I had just checked out of the Renaissance in Las Vegas, so I mention that. Apparently that wasn’t good enough, or did not hit the system, so I was asked for another recent state. Since I could not remember the last two small towns I stayed in, I mentioned that I had stayed for over a week at the West Des Moines Sheraton. Apparently that didn’t ring any bells either, so I was asked for the last four digits of my credit card. I should mention it this time, that I was driving in a vehicle and did not have access to my wallet, nor was I going to pull up my wallet pull out a credit card and read off the last four digits while I was driving. The entire purpose of having a phone conversation to rent a room is to be able to do this while driving (I was hands free). I can easily use the app. As this person was being completely unhelpful, I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor appeared to be more than helpful to get me my room asked me where I was staying, how many nights, everything appeared well and then, I was asked to give the last four digits of my credit card. Again, I mentioned that I was driving and the whole purpose of the phone call was to rent a room. He said well this is the new way of doing things. I said the old system was much better than this, and much easier to deal with. He said well you can pull over I’ll wait until you get your credit card out. I said if I pull over I’m using the app. To which he said, well the app is much easier. I said to him, that the entire purpose of the app was to eliminate him and his fellow employees. But if that’s what he wanted, I’ll be more than happy to use the app from now on. I don’t wish ill on the people on the phone, but I want to know why things have become so difficult to rent a room on the telephone, when I can much easily do it on the app or website and not have to deal with these idiots.


Things were much easier and friendlier before SPG merged into Marriott.