Whatever happened to Marriott quality customer service?

Discussion created by joediliberto on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2020 by jpezz

I've been a Marriott elite for 35+ years and I can't believe how customer service has deteriorated!  


I just spent over an hour trying to resolve a problem with my recent stay.  On this call, I talked to three people from the Titanium "customer service" line -- an agent, a supervisor and a manager.  

The manager, "Margaret", couldn't/wouldn't solve my issue, so SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!  


If Bill Marriott heard of this, I think he would be livid -- has Marriott grown too big with Bonvoy mergers to remember the "family root beer stand"?  In the past, I always received excellent customer service, especially when calling in on the Elite line.  It's sad to see the current state of affairs.  



Joseph DiLIberto