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What I did wrong, maybe Fully Trust Marriott?

Question asked by kevinwang20583 on Feb 21, 2020
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Dear All, 


I have been a platinum (and then titanium) member since 2017. I met one thing that I think I did nothing wrong but I am not satisfied with the answer from the representatives. Here is the thing:


Jan 19, I tried to use my certificate to book a hotel. But I couldn't do it online. I called Titanium Elite Support and asked the representative to book the hotel using the certificate. The representative said "no problem". 10 minutes later, I found that she did wrong, she used my points and since my points were not enough, I was charged for $237.5 for 19,000 points. I then called back and talked this with the supervisor, Angela. She said "I will change it to the certificate and submit the ticket to refund you, as an apology, you can KEEP THOSE POINTS". I was so happy and thought this is indeed a nice way to treat your member when you did something wrong. She also gave me a case number for future verification.


Then, I am not sure whether I did wrong? But Angela said that I can keep those points, so I used those points for another stay later. While this resulted in a nightmare.


One week later, I haven't received the credit and then called back to the customer service. All the customer service said that, no, you cannot get money back since you used those points. I mentioned again and again that the supervisor Angela said I can keep those points. But THEY DON'T EVEN WANT TO LISTEN.


I just want to get my money back and I even transfer some point from my Amex account. It is not the money issue, it is about what you promise you customer, and a customer who has been platinum / titanium member for several years and only stay at your hotels.


I look forward to community manager's help. If any one knows how I can get help, I really appreciate your message.


Finally, I want to say, whether the only wrong thing I did is Fully Trust Marriott?