Funny Response from Guest Experience Manager

Discussion created by m-hotel-traveller on Feb 21, 2020

Recently stayed at the new Lex City Center  Residence Inn in Lexington, KY.   Nice hotel along with the adjoining Marriott Lex City Center property.   However, one of my suggestions to the GUEST EXPERIENCE MANAGER in a follow-up e-mail was that they turn ON the bathroom ventilation system so the hallways might smell a little nicer in the evenings and help reduce the residual steam from morning shower.  The response I got from her (I won't embarrass her and  mention her name) was quite silly:

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts from your recent stay with us. We realize the best way to grow and improve is to accept and utilize guest feedback. I have passed along your complaints to our Chief Engineer to get some further insight.  

He stated that ventilation systems in hotel bathrooms is becoming a thing of the past. Our hotel is not outfitted with ventilation systems in the bathroom. I apologize if that caused you any trouble.


LOL. Bathroom ventilation systems are a thing of the past!   Why did the building designers and architects have vents installed in the bathroom ceilings of each guest suite?  For decorative purposes?


Oh boy, the Trump economy must be quite good.   Even Marriott is having difficulty finding top-tier folks.   


Unfortunately, non-functioning hotel bath ventilation systems (centrally run, not individual fan units) are quite common in the more upscale Marriott properties.   I guess the management staff wants to save a few $$ in climate control costs? 


Two comment for Marriott:

1. Perhaps you just need competent HVAC/energy consultants so that centrally run bath ventilation systems don't need to cost an arm and leg. We have the technical means to accomplish that in 2020.   Please call me and I can refer you to some top-notch engineers.

2.  Dear Lord...… how many master's degrees in Hotel and Hospitality Management does it take to tell the Chief Maintenance engineer to turn on the bath ventilation system?   I do expect better from Marriott brand.



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