What are the 50-Night Choice Benefits for 2020

Discussion created by arizonatag on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2020 by jw99

communitymanagers can you advise us on when the 50-Night Choice Benefits will be announced for 2020? I went to the link from last year and received the following message:

"The 2019 Annual Choice benefit deadline has expired. However, we’ll unveil our 2020 Annual Choice Benefits soon and invite eligible members to select the benefit that suits them best. In the meantime, keep staying with us."

It would appear by this announcement that the 50-night choice benefits are not the same from year-to-year. Is that true? Any word on what benefits are planned for 2020? Can you provide the link for 2020? I hit the 53 night mark this past week so would like to make a selection.

Thank you in advance for the assistance/information!