"Pay and Stay" Policy, not receiving credit for stays booked on company card

Discussion created by gmirano on Feb 20, 2020

Recently, my company has switched policy so that instead of booking hotels on our own personal cards, payment is through a seperate company card. That is fine and all, but I have noticed that I am no longer receiving points or night credits. I've had many conversations with front desk attendants, the Titanium Elite support number, etc, and I have gotten a severe amount of inconsistencies. 


I was told that for me to get credit for a stay booked on a company card, I need to just make sure my Bonvoy number is on the reservation that was made with the company card. I have been able to get points for my stays this way, but alternatively I have also not gotten any credit at all. I've also been told and had it where I only receive points for the money I spent with the hotel. So I do not get credit for the room rate, but I will get points for my welcome bonus and also points for if I buy dinner or something along those lines. 


However, my last couple stays I have just flat out not gotten any credit (points or nights) for stays at all. I've called the Bonvoy support line, and the representative most recently told me that you actually need to pay yourself in order to receive any type of points. The policy itself is called "Pay and Stay" or something along those lines. To me, this seems terribly unfair because I am the one that is staying and choosing to be loyal to Marriott by booking hotel stays with the company. 


If this is the case, I am seriously considering switching to Hilton where this ridiculous "Pay and Stay" policy is not an issue at all. I would think it's logical to say if you stay the night with a hotel brand that that is enough to warrant points. If a dumb technicality is what's stopping that, then I have no reason to continue booking Marriott. 


Is this something you guys have run into? It would be a shame to no longer be Titanium Elite on Marriott, but I see no point in staying loyal if I have to fight for my points for staying with the brand ultimately to not receive them.