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Zero points earning for cash + points redemptions?

Question asked by shanayze on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by shanayze

Hey everyone, wondering what your thoughts are around the cash + points redemptions and how they result in no points earnings. I recently stayed at a Sheraton and decided to split the payment as i didn’t want to burn up a ton of points so I used 50k points and paid $230 for the room over nights. I did get the night credits towards my status but didn’t earn any points on the spend. I thought that was strange as any dollars spent at the hotel should go towards earning points but I was told that only applies to food, and other incidentals but not the cash portion of the room charge. Next time I’ll just save the points and use cash as it wasn’t expensive anyway and at least I’ll continue to earn. Anyone else run into this? What are your thoughts on it?