Griffin Club- Club 91 - Lounge

Discussion created by oceane on Feb 17, 2020
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I start at Marriott Bonvoy points.
I understand recently that we can stay at the JW Cancun resort and can benefit from Club 91.
Being new to the Marriott, I wondered how it worked.
Can we pay with our room point and pay an extra to be entitled to Club 91?

Is it possible, for example, at the Griffin Club Los cabos, to pay with our points, and to pay an extra to gain access to the Club?
If I understand correctly, the Club Longe gives us access to food and drink at all times, free of charge?

Is there any other hotel that we can pay an extra to be entitled to the lounge, or we can be entitled to all our meals?
Because I only have Silver elite status and I will never go to platinum or titanium status.

Thank you