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Buckingham Palace Tours

Question asked by msannmcd on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2020 by brilin

In 2020, the royals head to Balmoral and Buck House opens for tours starting July 24. It was NEVER open for tours in the 80's when I lived there and HM never invited me to a garden party. So, I'm looking forward to visiting on our last full day in London.


There are 3 tours offered. The State Rooms (1 hour 15 minutes and self guided gardens tour), The State Rooms and Garden highlights (2 hours) and the Royal Day Out (4 1/2 hours total) which adds on the Queens Gallery and Royal Mews. 


I'm curious if anyone has done any of the tours and what they think of it. I suspect we'd be happy with the State Rooms and self guided garden but since it is our final day I'm willing to splurge if the value and experience is worthwhile. No other palaces or castles are planned at this time.


Thanks in advance for the shared experience. Cheers!