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Vienna Over New Years

Question asked by zonahiker on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by newdaddy

Hello all! Trying to get my act together and book for New Year's Eve in Vienna and would love some suggestions. 

Prices are very high for the days we will be there and we will need 2 rooms being a party of 4. Have some points but depending on property selection could be a combo points and $$.

Looking at the various posts it seems that Vienna Marriott is highly rated, Imperial Riding School at one time better than it is now and the Courtyard seeming to get high ratings. 

We will be arriving by train from Budapest and staying for 3 nights then flying back to the states. 

Any suggestions on hotels concerning location and getting around in the winter easily, offers for Titanium Elite members, NYE celebrations in connection with where to stay would be great. 

On a final note, if we ended up being a party of three (one uncommitted at present) do any of the hotels accommodate three easier in a room. 


Thanks folks I always appreciate your thoughts. 

Side note: We are staying in Budapest 2 N after a cruise - the Marriott Budapest looks nice any thoughts that we should stay elsewheres? 

Side note 2: We start in London have stayed at a couple of properties there and thinking of the Bankside this go - anyone stay there as yet? Do they offer any perks for Titanium members?