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Incorrect Bonvoy status on insider profile

Question asked by thehpguy on Feb 9, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by iahflyr

I have looked on hear may times since first seeing this in 2008. I have from time to time, seen that my profile shows the same as it did 12 years ago. Since Titanium and even ambassador has been around, I have always been the the top status.


Is there a reason that the automated system still sees me as the same highest status as I was in 2008 ? Is there a glitch in the system? Can someone from the insider Website group address or fix it for me ? I am ambassador, but shows platinum. See picture below.


Are there other Marriott insider members that it DOESN'T show their current status ? Just curious.  


Shows Platinum and not ambassador status in profile