Starwood Properties

Discussion created by paulsen44 on Feb 6, 2020

I have had extensive issues with Starwood properties using credit cards and rewards numbers while traveling with a group of people.  


Typically when I travel I book rooms for my entire team.  Every time I have done this at a Starwood property, we have had difficulty transferring rooms at arrival to each person on my team.  Front desk personnel do not know how to transfer a reservation to someone else’s reward number and credit card. There’s either an issue with the computer system, hotel staff or both. This has occurred at Westin and Sheraton properties EVERY TIME. 


This is especially frustrating when traveling abroad.  Having to spend over an hour checking everyone in and dealing with this issue is the last thing I want to do after a long flight.  Until this issue is resolved I have instructed my staff to make individual reservations for every person under their own rewards number and credit card.