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old 7-night travel package (hotel category 1-5 and air)

Question asked by wjlin1 on Feb 8, 2020
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I am hoping anyone who can help to answer my question.


I called to Marriott customer service and ordered my old 7-night travel package (Hotel+ Air) before Aug 18 2018 when Marriott changed the package to the new rule.

My points were deducted more than 200K for my 7-night package.  Later, I reserved my 7-night stay (March, 2019) at Marriott hotel, Rome, Italy. Right before the trip, my son was sick so I had to call Marriott and cancel my reservation. So I got my certificate back. At the time, my account was deducted for 45000 points. I really did not know why even after sending a few e-mails to the customer service. I didn't get a good answer.Some e-mails have never been replied since then.


Back to this 7-night certificate (I got an extension and the deadline is March 2020), I later used it and reserved 7-night stay in Feb in Vermont. I just found out my account was deducted again for 150,000 points for this reservation. 


I am totally confused about how Marriott honors this certificate. Even there are old and new rules, I have paid more than 200 K for ordering this 7-night travel package. And now I have to paid 45000+ 150,000 extra?????



Can any Marriott insider moderator help???

As a titanium member, I feel very confused and disappointed about all happened to this 7-night package.