Gap in United Premier Silver status for Titanium members

Discussion created by kgahome on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by missgee

I aim for Titanium rather than Platinum status with Marriott mainly to gain United Premier Silver status. I’ve been Marriott Titanium for several years and will be again in 2020. When I went to the United web page yesterday to book a flight, I discovered that my Premier Silver status had disappeared. OK, I thought, I must need to re-register. I did that.


What I got was a message from Marriott saying I should see my United status changed to Premier Silver after February 28 once my Marriott Platinum (?) status has been verified. What the heck? Marriott can’t tell for two months into the new year what my status is? I am pretty unhappy about this as getting United Premier Silver status was my main motivation for wanting to be Marriott Titanium. I suppose I’ll call Marriott customer service to see if they can help, but why should that be necessary?