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What to do when a hotel used a certificate you have on the file at its own discretion

Question asked by monisame on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by monisame

Last week I intended to use a certificate I have  on my file, As  I did not find it on my profile,  I decided to call. The assistant who takes the call told me that it was already used. I asked when, and they passed me with customer service. Here  a clerk told me the same. Of course I asked for the details and at that time the assistant checked and told me that it was used at Moxy Charles The Gaulle hotel. And yes  I stayed there last December for one night  but I paid for the stay, my account shows the night and the points earned. My reservation details confirms that the reservation was a common one  I did not asked to use points or a certificate, . At that time my intrigue increased. And I am asking myself if anyone can  explain me how a hotel can use  at its own criteria and  discretion a certificate  when you don’t have asked to use it. I am still waiting for an answer. Suggestions welcome  communitymanagers