Executive Lounge Review: JW Marriott Austin

Discussion created by houstonfoodandwine on Feb 3, 2020


Good Morning Insiders,


My wife & I recently stayed at the JW Marriott Austin once more, only this time with lounge access. Seeing as the two of us are growing more accustomed to lounge access during our hotel stays I figured I would go ahead and offer up a review for this one.


Hours of Operation:

  • Breakfast
    • Monday-Friday, 6:30am-9:00am
    • Saturday & Sunday, 7:00am - 11:00am
  • Hors D'Oeurves
    • Daily, 5:30pm-7:30pm



Layout & Ambiance


Being located inside of a very large convention center hotel, the JW Marriott's Executive Lounge is appropriately scaled to the hotel's size. Very spacious, roomy, and comfortable with an abundance of seating options. There are couches, executive chairs, high-top tables, cozy nooks, and standard restaurant-style seating. Because of its size and the plethora of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city, this lounge has a lovely, airy feel of urban sophistication to it.



Food Offerings & Quality


While we were not able to enjoy the evening hors d'oeurves we were, however, able to partake in Sunday morning breakfast, as well as enjoy some of the snacks that are offered throughout the day. Regarding the daily snack selections, one can expect to find an assortment of fruits, nuts, snack bars, and cookies for anyone looking for a small bite to eat between meals. As far as breakfast is concerned I found this to be a really delicious spread of items ranging from eggs, bacon, pastries, bagels, yogurt, cured meats and cheeses, and smoked salmon.





The lounge was sufficiently attended by multiple service personnel, all of which were pleasant and friendly to interact with. This staff did a great job at busing tables, assisting guests, and ensuring the food was kept fresh and stocked and that the hot coffee was consistently replenished.



Additional Notes


One thing my wife & I really like about the Ritz Club Lounges is that they're able to be accessed 24-hours/day and that guests are allowed to bring outside alcohol into the lounge. I was hoping this would be the case for the JW Marriott's executive lounge but I consistently received conflicting information from the hotel staff. One front desk agent said that outside alcohol was not permitted in the lounge and then another front desk agent offered completely contradictory information shortly thereafter. I also asked if the lounge closed at a certain time or if it was open 24-hours for guests to come & go as they please. The agent's response to this question was, "The lounge closes at 10pm." Had our stay been longer and had we not been preoccupied with engagements outside of the hotel we certainly would have pressed these matters more to find out the definitive answers, as my wife & I enjoy bringing wine into lounges to sip while we play games deep into the night. This lounge's value would improve dramatically if we were allowed to bring outside alcohol into it and if guests were allowed to access it 24-hours/day. Next time we'll find out for sure.



Overall Impressions


All-in-all I enjoyed this lounge and would certainly pay to access it again (until I hit Platinum) if we knew for a fact we'd be able to enjoy the evening hors d'oeuvres (which is only one of two major food offerings). Since we weren't, however, we left feeling a little underwhelmed, especially since we (a) never could receive adequate clarity regarding the guest access policy and outside alcohol policy, and (b) other JW properties offer more food throughout the day and evening.



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