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Resolved: Cancellation Fee

Question asked by gpingrah on Jan 28, 2020

We booked a stay at the Westin in Charlotte for Jan 10 - 12th via Marriot Bonvoy website using points. On January 6th a friend of ours passed away, and on January 8th we received the details on his funeral. We immediately cancelled our hotel on the Bonvoy website (which I now recognize was a mistake and we should of called), and re-booked at another Marriott property for the same time period.


This was 48 hours prior to the arrival, but unfortunately the Westin Charlotte has a 3 day cancellation policy, which was not pointed out by the Marriott Bonvoy site when I cancelled, so I was charged a cancellation fee. We have called Bonvoy twice and put in requests with the hotel to reverse but have had no success.


We have called and left messages twice over the last two weeks with the hotel accounting department, but no one will call us back. What do we do at this point? Do others have similar experiences? Is this a single property issue or cultural problem within Marriott? Thanks for the help/input.