Event Booking at Marriotts

Discussion created by matthank on Jan 27, 2020
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Recently, I have been getting told by Sales Representatives that they don't want my company to host my event at their hotel. We have done our event every year at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott, and unfortunately, our attendance has been dropping for the event due to industry changes. I asked the hotel to drop the room block allocation down, so we do not get hit with arbitration, or just to remove room blocks all-together, and all i get back is No, we will not entertain hosting your event at this time, You can try back in July or August.  Then i reached out to another hotel in the Woodlands area, The new Houston CityPlace Marriott at Springwoods Village, and just got a response of this:





I reached out to two "H" hotels that share the same name as Paris Hilton, and they immediately are offering me bonuses to sign the contract today. 


has anyone else experienced this before?  It seams to be just in Houston right now that i have these issues, as other locations always provide a proposal, or let me know what i need to change to secure the date.