Marriott Hutchinson Island Beach Resort

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As I won't be asked to do a survey for the hotel (details follow), I will post a note here for those that research properties before staying.  I am LTT and my wife and I booked a 5 night stay at the hotel.  I call before hand and asked about their beach side "Sandpiper Tower" and its proximity to the rest of the resort.  I was told it was about 1/4 mile away and there was a shuttle to/from the main facility as the restaurant at the tower did not serve breakfast.  Arrival went fine and I can't say enough about the staff and their willingness to be helpful.  I was told at check in that they were doing renovations at the tower and that the pool would be closed 3 of the 5 days we were to be there.  I was not too concerned about the pool as we were on the beach, and I have stayed at other Marriott properties where renovations were going on and they were not too intrusive.  I was a bit surprised as none of this was mentioned on the hotel site when reservations were mode, nor mentioned when I had called ahead about the breakfast situation.  We were told the shuttle driver would show us the way to the tower and we hopped in the car and followed him over.

1) The Sandpiper Tower is not 1/4 mile away - try 3/4 mile door to door.  it is in a condominium development "off property" from the main resort.

2) Upon arriving in the room, the sound of drilling and other constructions was overwhelming.  We went out on the balcony to see if it was better there and it was not. (after 6 pm on a Saturday night).

3) It appeared the room had been partially renovated?  Newer flooring / some furniture but old appliances?

4) We were told they would also be working Sunday after 10:00 am.  We heard drilling starting about 9:15.

We drove back to the main building and explained the situation was unacceptable and asked to be moved.  No other rooms were available during our stay dates.  They did offer to comp our room for the night and that there would be no penalty for cancelling.  Ultimately, we did spend one night there before we could get into the Courtyard Hutchinson Island two miles up the coast.  I wound up having to reserve with points + cash since the rooms I have considered for points only were no longer available.  I also had to call Marriott to get my Suite Night Rewards reinstated.


Again, the staff at the Marriott was excellent throughout the ordeal.  As I told them, their management failed them by putting them in such a position.  This is not the first property that has been called out for being less than forthcoming about conditions / situations at their property (not disclosing construction/renovations, old outdated photos / etc).  While I don't see it happening, but Marriott needs to do more to insure accurate representation of their properties.